Swapshop & Freeshop

Swapshop & Freeshop

A space for the Edinburgh community to swap and buy the material goods that we need to live in our society. Instead of contributing to over-production and systemic environmental degradation, we want to create a community of swappers to meet our needs sustainably with as little an impact on the planet and our wallets as we can!

Opening Times

Tue, Wed, Thur & Sat        :    2pm – 7pm

How does it work?


Bring your Clean and Useable stuff* to exchange for things of equal value in the swapshop.
The value of your donations is determined by the volunteers on the desk who will award you a certain amount of store credit.

Non-members must swap on the day. Become a member for £10 per year to build up ‘swap tokens’ over time and spend later.

(*we don’t accept underwear & really dirty/stained clothes, big items of furniture & broken electronics)


Swapshop & Freeshop
Swapshop & Freeshop

Nothing to swap or want to support us financially?
We accept cash for the things in store. Volunteers price things by looking up the cheapest online price and giving you that.
Become a member for £10 per year (83p per month) and get stuff for up to 25% off non-member price & access to the Members’ year-round Freeshop!

The SHRUB relies on Volunteers to stay alive. If you have a few hours spare a week and can help this wonderful project in your own special way, please drop us a line: swapandreusehub@gmail.com or drop in to the shop!
Volunteers get 6 tokens per hour to spend it store.