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So much waste comes from a lack of skills to repair or ideas to creatively upcycle. 

Upcycling is about creating something new and useful out of what is around us rather than always taking new resources through fast consumption. 

It’s about conscious living and respect but also innovation and imagination. It’s about challenging ourselves to see the limitless potential in every object.

We believe reuse can be beautiful, imaginative and sophisticated.


Making a bicycle wheel chandelier - come to the Shrub to see the final result!
Making a bicycle wheel chandelier – come to the Shrub to see the final result!
Workshop making hula hoops out of old piping
Workshop making hula hoops out of old piping

We host workshops teaching skills like how to make:

  • Wallets out of bicycle inner tubes or tetra pacs
  • Hula hoops out of water piping
  • Chandeliers out of bicycle wheels
  • Jewellery out of bicycle inner tubes or paper
  • Backyard wind turbines out of aluminium printing sheets
  • Mudguards out of plastic bottles

… and much more!



More than just a place to revolutionise our relationship to resources, the Shrub is a hub for sustainable living more widely. 

That means nurturing creativity and imagination but also fostering wellness, community and providing a space for discussion.

We aim to offer a wide range of workshops and events that reflect a holistic approach to sustainable living, giving us the tools we need to be active makers of change. 




Creating a space for discussion
Creating a space for discussion

As well as practical workshops we host inspiring discussions and talks about environmental and social issues related to climate change, activism, waste, permaculture, social justice, and much more.

We’re always looking for new facilitators and people with skills to share. If that’s you then get in touch with us! We’d love to hear from you.

Host a workshop or talk in our community:


*All workshops are free of charge and held at the Shrub unless otherwise stated*

Recurring Workshops: 

The wee spoke hub ( Free supported DIY bike repair)

Every Tuesday and Thursday (5-8pm) at the Shrub!

Whoop! 🙂

Puncture? Strange noises? Funky brakes?
Learn how to fix it!


See you there!

(please come early to avoid disappointment)

p.s.: We have …

– all the essentials such as allen keys, spanners, chain
tool and other friends
– puncture repair kits
– bike pump
– spoke keys
– wheel truer
– vice
– chain cleaning apparatus
– and other small tools which are too small to be
mentioned here

– all the grease and oil one could ever ask for
– inner tubes (common sizes)
– brake pads (we don’t have any funk for disc brakes)
– brake cables (outer and inner)
– gear cables
– chains
– bearings
– and random second hand parts such as seats, wheels
(mostly 26), pedals, a curious variety of brake and gear
parts (all of the mentioned second hand parts are
subject to availability and randomness)

p.s. 2: Want to get involved?

Send an e-mail to to find out more.

 Fixing bikes for refugees

The project currently runs on Wednesdays from 5pm – 8pm.
The Shrub is supporting a new project called Bikes for Refugees – Scotland. They collect donated bikes and distribute them amongst a network of people who then repair them for the benefit of refugees in Scotland.

The Wee Spoke Hub is currently a home for such people, and if you have bike maintenance skills and would like to use them to help out do come along!

We would also happily accept donations such as bikes, bike accessories and parts.

Hope you see you there!
Your Wee Spoke Hub.

Wool Wednesday

This is a monthly event; it  runs on a Wednesday 18:30–20:30.
Check Facebook events for the date.
Bring you own wool-related projects or ideas for potential projects to our awesome new drop-in session! We have a lovely facilitator on hand to teach the basics and give advice.

It’s not just knitting, but all things woolly such as spinning, felting, weaving and crochet! Get together with other wool enthusiasts to work on projects, share ideas and advice and plan potential collaborative pieces (and have a nice cuppa and cake!)

Everyone welcome.

The Wool Circle sessions are free, but there is a suggested £1 donation for any materials used.

Transformation Tuesday

This is a monthly event; it  runs on a Tuesday 18:00–20:00.
Check Facebook events for the date.
A workshop on turning rags into riches, sows’ ears into silk purses and your tired old clothes into something you’ll be excited to wear.

Bring an unloved piece of clothing and learn how to use material and imagination to turn it into something completely different: your baggy shirt could be a crop top, pyjama shorts or even just a slightly more fitted shirt. We’ll provide the sewing machines, a basic haberdashery, advice and ideas.

Basic sewing experience required. Bring an item of clothing you don’t mind being hacked apart.
Every third session is an open session for you to bring your own project along to. Otherwise there is a theme for the transformations! Check our facebook page for event-specific info!

If you would be interested in joining the team of facilitators for this workshop to help keep it running regularly please get in touch! Email

Natural Dyes and Screen Printing Workshop 
The last weekend of each month, Friday evening 7pm-9pm and Saturday afternoons 1pm-4pm.

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Got any old clothes you might want to vamp up a bit? Here is your chance! Come along to our workshop at SHRUB to learn how to make totally natural dyes and to create your own designs on either a piece of old clothing or some old fabric like bed sheets etc.

We suggest something white and made out of natural fibers – so the dye will fix itself a bit better.

This workshop will be over two days so please be able to make both workshops to get the most out of this experience.

The first day is an evening class, where we have a couple of hours of basic dye making, from chopping up the vegetation to blending up the dye stuffs into pastes for screen printing with. To make the most of our time I am planning for us to make up three colours of dyes: blue, yellow and red so we are able to experiment with layering of colours.

The second day is that of a bit more creativity and actually getting down to some screen printing. You will be given the opportunity to think what shapes, patterns and colours you want in your newly designed garment or piece of cloth you bring along. We will just be working with stenciling on our designs so think bold shapes and patters to layer on top of each other.

The cost of this workshop is £30 + booking fee and places are limited, so please book now! See Facebook page for ticket link.

Up-Coming Workshops: 

Trash Fashion workshop: Part 1!

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Monday 16th January
7.30pm – 9.30pm

Come join us at SHRUB and upcycle some of your old plastics and rubbish into fabulous frocks, hats and jewellery!

We will be hosting a Trash Fashion Show in the new year and want to showcase an awesome selection of outfits made from ‘waste’ items. We have bags of plastic, bubbble wrap, paper and bicycle inner tubes ready to be ripped up and remade into awesome outfits.

You can create dresses and garments to fit yourself and model them at our fashion show, or make them for willing volunteers!

We will supply needles, threads, tape, and glue, plus a few bags of trash!

This is a drop in session, so feel free to come and later if you cant make the start time! Bring along any clean plastic trash you can collect.

As part 1 of this workshop, we will be based at Shrub. For Part 2, we will be visiting The Welcoming Association’s workshop, our partners for the Trash Fashion Show. Bring along your projects for the fashion show and see some of the outfits being made by the designers at The Welcoming 🙂

Trash Fashion Workshop: Part 2!
Thursday 19th January
1pm-6pm @ The Welcoming Association, 20/1
Westfield Avenue, EH11 2TT

Continue the pieces you started crafting on Monday, at The Welcoming’s workshop and studio. Meet some of the designers taking part in the Trash Fashion show and get advice and help on your project!


Natural Cosmetics: Essential Oil Blending


Monday 23rd January

 Start the new year by caring for yourself and the planet by learning how to blend essential oils at this wonderful workshop! Defy excess packaging and cosmetics full of chemicals by making your own Body Oil, Beard Oil and Skin Cleanser, using essential oils at this workshop.

Want to smell gorgeous and get a restful night’s sleep? Make a cleanser using calming and restorative essential oils! Hoping for a mosquite-bite-free Scottish summer? Make a body oil with insect-repellant properties!

We’ll provide beautiful dropper bottles for these oils and you can decorate lovely upcycled labels.

Tickets cost £12 + booking fee, please sign up using the Eventbrite link :