An Insight Into Volunteering With Food Sharing: Simon Kampta

Shrub’s Food Sharing Volunteers are integral to the operation of redistributing leftover food from businesses.

The Comms team recently chatted with Simon Kampta, a Food Sharing volunteer, to gain more insight into the vital role volunteers play in eliminating waste. Simon recently moved up to Edinburgh from London. As a self-declared man of leisure, he spends his time travelling and volunteering. He found out about Shrub through attending a community exhibition concerning recycling and waste elimination, where he came across the Food Sharing table. Is his own words, “I emailed Jess, the Food Sharing Coordinator, and the rest is history”.  

 At Shrub, Simon is a Food Sharing Facilitator. He manages the pick up and redistribution of surplus Bread from local businesses. The purpose of his role is to act as liaison, that is, act as the contact point between Shrub, Businesses, and Food Sharing volunteers. Businesses contact him when there is leftover bread available to be redistributed. Simon, in turn, coordinates volunteers to pick up this leftover bread, all while also keeping in contact with the Food Sharing Coordinator, Jess. Volunteers redistribute this leftover bread to a diverse range of places, such as, homeless shelters, community cafes, and university accommodation. On any given day, Food Sharing redistributes 15-20 kilograms of bread.

   Simon’s work as a Food Sharing Facilitator has made him more aware of recycling issues and determined to help eliminate waste. Aside from the satisfaction he gains in helping eliminate food waste, he also enjoys the diversity of Shrub members. For Simon, Shrub has allowed him to meet new people who come from all sorts of different backgrounds, but who all care about eliminating waste and decreasing carbon emissions.

If you are interested in volunteering as a Food Sharing Facilitator at Shrub, please visit: