Bicycle Matters Team

  1. Role description:

Problem: Abandoned Bikes
Solution: YOU!

We are looking for 4-5 volunteers with varied backgrounds, skills and experience, to help us solve the problem of abandoned bikes in Edinburgh. Whether you are a keen cyclist, a passionate researcher, or just like to make things out of old stuff, we want you!

The Bicycle Matters Team volunteer traineeship is an opportunity for a keen, committed team of creative individuals to explore the the issue of abandoned bicycles in Edinburgh and find solutions, including potentially creating your own social enterprises. This is the second in a four-part series of ‘Material Matters’ projects, looking at how to intercept different waste streams across Edinburgh.

You will have the support of the SHRUB community, including the Wee Spoke Hub community bike workshop space and volunteers, as well as Zero Waste Scotland; the University of Edinburgh transport team will brief you on the issue on their side. Most of the work will be done independently by the Bicycle Matters Team.

The project will involve:

  • Interviews with organisations (such as Edinburgh University, cycling organisations) and individuals and other data collection
  • Participating in events such as a hack day and sharing skills and knowledge
  • Summarising what the issues are in a research document
  • Coming up with practical and preventative solution ideas, for example,
    • Making new things out of unusable bikes, repairing bikes for use
    • Education initiatives, campaigns
  1. Requirements:


  • Passionate for change
  • Keen to make a positive impact on the local community
  • Self-motivated
  • Innovative
  • Organisation and time management skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork and people skills
  • Interested in solving problems and overcoming challenges
  • Committed and prepared to work hard
  • Commitment to sustainability and circular economy


  • Skills or experience in arts and design
  • Engineering skills
  • Workshop experience
  • Skills or experience in business / sales
  • Skills or experience in administration and project management
  • Knowledge or experience in environmental issues or circular economy
  • Skills or experience in community outreach
  • Skills or experience in data collection, analysis, presentation
  • Skills or experience in communications and marketing
  • Skills or experience in doing research projects
  • Local knowledge
  1. Benefits, skills and experience gained:
  • Gaining awareness on issues around bicycles and waste, and broader knowledge of circular economy
  • Skills and experience in interdisciplinary research, networking, inter-organisational communications, teamwork and independent working
  • Training on interview research, social enterprise development, and other relevant issues / skills
  • Experience of a full project lifecycle from start to finish
  • Support for building your own social or business enterprises if desired
  • Building networks in the Edinburgh bike community
  • Becoming a part of a strong community at SHRUB Coop
  • Creating a real positive impact in the Edinburgh community and supporting its journey towards a Zero Waste Town
  • References / letters of recommendations as required
  1. Practical details:
  • When:  January – May 2019
  • Time commitment per week: 5-10 hours
    • One 2h group meeting per week required, days and times to be decided among the team
    • Other specific events include, among other things, focus groups at the start and the end of the programme, training opportunities, a hack day and skillsharing events
    • The rest of the work as required at home / in smaller groups
  • Where: Central Edinburgh
  • Supervision: Supervised and supported by the SHRUB Circular Economy Coordinator and Community Projects team
  1. How to apply:

Email with a CV and a 1-2 page covering letter by the application deadline on 13th January, telling us why you want to be a part of the Bicycle Matters Team, and demonstrating how you meet the requirements in the role description.