Can you help us continue to create a world without waste?

By SHRUB Coop, posted 21/03/20

COVID-19 is having a big impact on our income.

Since 2013 we have…

  • Saved over 1,700 tonnes of carbon from being added to the atmosphere. That’s the equivalent of 11,000 flights from Edinburgh to London
  • Supported hundreds of volunteers to gain new skills and confidence
  • Educated thousands of people in Edinburgh to repair and reuse things instead of needlessly throwing them away
  • Created a special community and friendships that will last a lifetime

As a charity, we rely on grants and fundraising to keep going.

Over the past few months, our funding team has been working hard to secure the future of our community.

How we’re funded is changing this year and we want to give you an update on what’s happening and how you can help to support us. Please read on for more details…

The COVID-19 pandemic has also forced us to temporarily close the Zero Waste Hub, and this has had a dramatic effect on our finances.

We understand that this is a hard time for everyone and a lot of people are concerned about their own financial situation. It’s important that you take care of yourself and your family first.

If you are in a position to help us, could you make a donation to SHRUB Coop?

Yes, I can make a donation

How much do our activities cost each year?

So far, all of our activities have been funded between two grant funds, the Climate Challenge Fund and the Zero Waste Towns Fund.

Both of these funds are coming to an end. We’ve been busy over the past few months applying for new grants to fund each of our projects. We hope to share news of these soon.

How we are funded is changing. Thanks to the success of the Zero Waste Hub, we’re able to cover more of our core costs ourselves.

However there is still a long way to go. By donating, you can help us to cover some of our core costs and keep our activities going while we wait for the outcome of our funding applications.

How does COVID-19 change things?

To do our part to help flatten the curve of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve temporarily closed all public activities until further notice. This is having a big impact on our income.

Our budget for this year was set before the crisis hit, and our staff and trustees are rapidly redrafting it to cut costs. We’re also closely following government announcements for emergency funding.

As our project funding has not yet been confirmed, fundraising is now more important than ever to keep our activities going when we reopen.

We understand that right now, a lot of people are concerned about their own financial situation.

It’s important that you take care of yourself and your family first.

If you are in a position to help us, could you make a donation to SHRUB Coop?

Yes, I can make a donation

Together, we are creating a world without waste.

Over the years, our community has worked tirelessly to reduce waste on all fronts.

  • We’ve put thousands and thousands of good things back to use through our Swapshop and Fresher’s Freeshops.
  • Food Sharing Edinburgh has saved mountains of food from an unnecessary fate in the bin and opened Scotland’s first rescued food shop!
  • Our events and workshops team have upskilled the community to repair their belongings and educated people about sustainable fashion.
  • The Wee Spoke Hub has helped hundreds of people fix their bikes to give them back their independence and reduce transport emissions.

All that hard work adds up. We’ve saved over **1,700 tonnes of carbon.

It’s the same as planting a forest the size of 4.74 football pitches.**

Will you make a donation today to help our community continue to create a world without waste?

Yes, I can make a donation

Stories from our community

Don’t just let us tell you how much impact we’ve made, here’s what our volunteers have to say.

Lucy’s story…

_“I studied environmental sciences at Edinburgh and I started volunteering with SHRUB to get involved with the community and make a difference. I participated in different areas of SHRUB, from Food Sharing Edinburgh to the Marchmont End of Term Collections, and I enjoyed discovering what I was interested in. It has helped me figure out my next steps into my future.

I gained professional skills that I might not have learnt at university. I was able to lead a project and organise events, I was able to facilitate workshops and teach skills that I had learnt. My time at SHRUB has been invaluable and I don’t think I would be as confident as I am now if I hadn’t been part of it. SHRUB also allowed me to meet people with the same attitudes as me and same point of views, it made me feel less alone and excited to be part of the community.”_

Francesca’s story…

_“The SHRUB has been like a home far away from home for me. I’m a traveller, and I travel with my backpack of skills and experiences. When I moved to Edinburgh, I was looking for a place where I could share my passion about self-sustainability with other people, and the SHRUB gave me the perfect opportunity to do so.

I felt welcomed and trusted from the start, everyone helped me realize my ideas about workshops and after the first one, soap making, I was incredibly happy to see everyone smiling and going home with their own soap, freshly made, like they just discover a beautiful treasure. It was incredible how much positivity was enclosed in something so simple and small like a bar of soap.”_

We have hundreds of stories like Lucy’s and Francesca’s.

Can you make a donation to support many more volunteers to gain new skills and confidence?

Yes, I can make a donation

Thank you and stay safe x

SHRUB Coop is supported through a combination of grant funding and generous donations from our community. We’re grateful for all their support. Find out more about our grant funders by clicking on the logos above.