End of term collections – the best way to start the summer!

Give it or bin it? Students in Edinburgh know the right answer! For over a decade now, Shrub Co-op cooperates with the University of Edinburgh to reduce the waste left by students at move-out, with our annual student collections from university halls of residence. Just last year our team saved 15 tons of great stuff from being landfilled! This year, with the help of our amazing volunteers and students’ generosity, we outdid ourselves and collected 16.9 tonnes of unwanted items that would otherwise end in bins! It is our 10th year, and we estimate that the activity has saved over 75 tons of stuff so far, as well as inspiring numerous other initiatives around the globe.

It wouldn’t be possible without our dedicated volunteers

But that is not all! We never have enough and thus we expanded our service and landed on the streets of Edinburgh on the corner of Lauderdale Street and Spottiswoode Road for students and residents who wished to hand unwanted but reusable items to us instead of putting them in the bin. We were able to collect astonishing 319.5 kg in just 4 days!

“The end of term community collections is one of the many pilot projects we run as a part of Zero Waste Edinburgh, aiming to promote reuse in the community. The reception has been overwhelmingly positive from the local community, people want to get the things they have sitting in their house to good use!” 

– Siri, the coordinator of the on-street collections


“I helped for 2 weeks this year, and in that time made great new friends. It’s amazing to see how much stuff gets thrown out, and amazing how much stuff we saved. Another great year of collections, I just wish students would stop buying so much stuff!” – Shona, one of the volunteers


Luckily, we were not alone in this endeavor. Besides our wonderful staff and volunteers, The City of Edinburgh Council (Waste ‎‎‎‎& Cleansing Services/South East Locality) provided us with a support to transport items to a sorting point, facilities to sort items off-site and to remove unwanted items where required. When needed, Bright Green Initiative will be kind enough to storage reusable items over the summer. All to help our amazing Zero Waste Edinburgh project (more about it here: https://www.shrubcoop.org) and reduce unnecessary waste in Edinburgh!

SHRUB love xoxo