The Big Bike Clear Out

🕐 Saturday, February 4, 2023

🏢 Wee Spoke Hub, 13 Guthrie Street, EH1 1JG

We’re clearing out a whole bunch of old bikes for recycling from the Wee Spoke Hub. To do that we need to break them down into their components. We’re looking for folks to come along and help us strip down these old bikes and clear out some space. There will be tea, coffee, snacks and probably some banging tunes.

We’re hoping to relaunch the Wee Spoke Hub in the next few months as well as turning some of the underutilised space at the WSH to better use. Clearing out the backlog will let us do this!

The Wee Spoke Hub, 13 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh

10:30 am - 1:30 pm on Saturday the 4th of February

Anyone who wants to come and help, be that volunteers, staff, members of the cooperative or just enthusiastic new folk who want to help out!

Extra info
We would appreciate folk bringing along some of their own tools if they have them (hacksaws, bolt-cutters and drills). Please wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.

Most of the activity will be taking place in the upstairs (ground-floor) of the Wee Spoke Hub. There is a slightly narrow entrance to the building and a step up for the toilet. The toilet is somewhat narrow and does not incorporate any accessibility features. The Wee Spoke Hub itself is located on a steep street that connects the Cowgate to Chambers Street. Chambers Street is served by several buses including the 5, 7,8,30,31,33,35,45 and 49.

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