Food Sharing Hub Charity Delivery Volunteer

The Food Sharing Hub’s Pantry is located at 22 Bread Street, and will be operational before the official opening of the Food Sharing Hub in January 2019.

The purpose of the Pantry is to act as a sorting space, where incoming food from our partner businesses can be weighed and organised into delivery boxes, to be delivered to our partner charities and schools.

We are seeking five volunteers who are available for a 3-4 hour timeslot on a weekday (Tuesday to Friday) to organise the space and deliver the food to various locations in Edinburgh (all relatively central).

Volunteer Role

Your role is

  1. To weigh and sort the food being delivered to the Pantry, located in the Food Sharing Hub at 22 Bread Street.
  2. To maintain the upkeep of the Pantry, ensuring that Food Sharing Edinburgh is complying with its health and safety policies, safeguarding the quality of the food.
  3. To deliver special delivery boxes to our partners (1-3 charities and/or 1 school) on a regular week day, as agreed by the Food Sharing Coordinator. You will have access to a an electric cargo bike and a bike with a bike trailer  (including all safety gear). You may however use your own vehicle if you wish!

Contact for more information about this role