Food Sharing Hub Partnership Facilitator

Volunteer Guide for FSH Partnership Facilitator


The Food Sharing Hub’s Pantry is located at 22 Bread Street, and will be operational before the official opening of the Food Sharing Hub in January 2019.

The purpose of the Pantry is to act as a sorting space, where incoming food from our partner businesses can be weighed and organised into delivery boxes, to be delivered to our partner charities and schools.

We are seeking five volunteers who are available for a 3-4 hour timeslot on a weekday (Tuesday to Friday) to organise the space and deliver the food to various locations in Edinburgh (all relatively central).

In exchange for your hard work, we can offer you lunch, free groceries from the Food Sharing Hub, and any training that might be relevant to your role.


Volunteer Role

Your role is

  1. To weigh and sort the food being delivered to the Pantry, located in the Food Sharing Hub at 22 Bread Street.
  2. To maintain the upkeep of the Pantry, ensuring that Food Sharing Edinburgh is complying with its health and safety policies, safeguarding the quality of the food.
  3. To deliver special delivery boxes to our partners (1-3 charities and/or 1 school) on a regular week day, as agreed by the Food Sharing Coordinator. You will have access to a an electric cargo bike and a bike with a bike trailer  (including all safety gear). You may however use your own vehicle if you wish!

You are the face of Food Sharing Edinburgh and all our agreements are founded on trust (no contracts involved!) so it is important that you follow these guidelines to maintain a friendly and trusting relationship with your charities!



You will be inducted by the Food Sharing Hub Coordinator, who will guide you through the process of weighing and sorting on site. This will be a chance for you to familiarise yourself with the process, and ask any questions you may have.


Food Redistribution

It is important that food is delivered to our partners at a regular timeslot each week, to ensure reliability. If you cannot make it in, please inform Laurie on 07476596593 ASAP!

The only rules about the destination of food collections are that you can’t throw away edible food and you can’t use food for any commercial purpose (e.g. to sell it, make it into something to sell, give away for donation.)


Health and Safety

  • Check all use by dates on food to make sure it is in date. If there is no use by date, check the food carefully, using your eyes and nose. Use your judgement and don’t take risks!
  • If food is inedible or out of date, please dispose of it using a food waste bin.
  • Food must be distributed using clear food-quality bag provided by the business.
  • Chilled food (dairy, meat, pastry, chilled sandwiches etc.) can be out of the fridge for a maximum of 1 hour. Please ensure that any chilled food is delivered to partner charities within this time limit.
  • Please become familiar with the following documents:




For concerns regarding the day to day upkeep of the Pantry, your main point of contact is Laurie King –

For concerns regarding charities, you main point of contact is Nicola Wilson –