Food Sharing Hub Promotions Guardian

Volunteer Guide for Promotions Guardian


Volunteer Role

Project Guardians are responsible for overseeing the direction of the Food Sharing Hub. This will serve as a permanent space that enables more food to be distributed to the public, while providing a public platform for food waste education and campaigning.


The group manages:


  • Logistical management (e.g. locating a space)
  • Financial sustainability (e.g. calculating budgets)
  • Funding requirements (e.g. crowd funding for a van)
  • Promotional activity (e.g. making and sharing photos/videos)
  • Partnership building (e.g. establishing a connection with a supermarket)
  • Legal structure (e.g. health and safety)


We will ensure that we are working towards achieving our vision by setting small targets as part of an overall timeline.


The Promotions Guardian

This role will specifically focus on tasks such as:

  • Creating and implementing a Food Sharing communications strategy
  • Facilitating photographic/video projects to promote the Food Sharing Hub
  • Sharing material on social media (Facebook and Instagram specifically)
  • Planning and delivering the Food Sharing Hub launch party in January 2019, as well as other events
  • Attending promotional events
  • Advertising the Food Sharing Hub effectively (posters, flyers, online etc.)
  • Working closely with Rob, the communications coordinator for the overall Zero Waste Edinburgh project (
  • Coordinating general Food Sharing volunteers and delegating tasks accordingly

Overall, your role is to represent this particular area of the project in meetings, while staying attentive to how this area crosses over with other areas by communicating clearly with other guardians.


About you

We need Project Guardians who are organised, responsible and can dedicate time to weekly meetings. Ideally Project Guardians would have experience higher level volunteering for a charity, not for profit of social enterprise and will be familiar with management processes.  Applications are also welcome from those with professional expertise in food waste, sustainable food or the non-profit sector.


Practical details



  • Project Guardians meet every month (usually on a Wednesday or Thursday, 6pm til 8pm), but are also expected to make regular appearances at Monday evening planning meetings and take on tasks of choice in-between meetings.
  • Food Sharing Edinburgh meet bi-weekly on Mondays (6pm til 7pm) in the Shrub Co-Op, on 22 Bread Street
  • Food Sharing communications strategy meetings happen bi-weekly on Mondays at 4pm. Please make sure you can attend these!
  • Monthly Project Guardians meetings are usually held in the University of Edinburgh Central campus.
  • Project Guardians are welcome to use the office space at 13 Guthrie Street during opening hours. we have group working sessions every Tuesday, 5pm – 7pm.
  • The role requires 2 to 6 hours of commitment per week (this will vary)
  • A minimum commitment of one year is desirable.
  • All Food Sharing Project Guardians are able to apply for the cost of relevant training to be covered by Food Sharing.
  • This role is supported by the Project Facilitator who is on hand if you have any questions or queries. The Project Guardians team is also encouraged to support each other, both in and out of meetings.



Your Project Facilitator is Laurie King (

The role of a facilitator is to manage the Project Guardians, and be the main point of contact for any queries/concerns.