Help shape the future of the Shrub

The Shrub is in a big transition at the moment as we look at ways to turn South Central Edinburgh into a Zero Waste Town. As part of this, we are updating the Shrub’s business plan from its outdated 2013 version and we are considering some significant changes. That’s where you come in…

We’re looking for comments, feedback and ideas from throughout the Shrub community. The summary points of the first draft are detailed below, and if you’re interested in seeing the whole document please ask for a copy from Rob, our Business Development Coordinator, on

The proposed plan aims to grow the Shrub’s own income sources and become less reliant on grants. This means looking at all ways in which the Shrub can create streams of revenue for itself – preferably many; diversifying streams is the best way to ensure a consistent overall revenue. In order to achieve this, we propose: 

  • Expanding our community to non-students, expanding into new premises for workshops, cine shrub, and perhaps a food waste supermarket and live music or performances;
  • Having a ‘term system’ of workshops centred round one type of waste material and learning about it in depth;
  • Developing an upcycling brand;
  • Closing the permanent free shop beneath the swap shop to make more space for other activities;
  • Expanding the end of term collections and September freeshop;
  • Having crowdfunding drives;
  • Raising the price of membership to £25/year (£15 concessions) to provide a stabler income base and appeal to a wider audience.

Please send your feedback to by Wednesday 29th March

We’ll also be discussing the business plan at the Community Gathering on the afternoon of the 29th and at that evening’s Open Board meeting. You are very welcome to come to both.

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