Volunteer Role: Member of Board of Directors

SHRUB is looking for new Board of Directors members!

Collectively responsible for the SHRUB, the Board is a necessary component of all co-operatives. The role of the board is to ensure the long-term success of SHRUB in accordance with its values and with the International Co-operative Alliance Statement on Co-operative Identity.

The Board is appointed by and accountable to the members who own and control the SHRUB co-operative. The Board represents the membership, making business decisions the interests of members. The Board acts as the custodian of the SHRUB’s assets to safeguard the organisation for the future.

Interested? Great! We have a short application form for you to fill in so that we can get an idea about why you’d like to be on the Board and what skills and experience you can bring to the mix. Please download the application form, fill it in and email it to swapandreusehub@gmail.com with the email subject “Board application: “YOUR NAME””. If you would like help with this, please pop into SHRUB where we will have paper forms available.

Application pack becoming a SHRUB board member

Board application form