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We run on volunteer power and we always need more helping hands!

How we work

We organise through working groups. If you can’t see an advertised role below that suits you, try getting in touch with a working group. There’s almost always something you can help us with.

Our working groups

Swapshop: We look after the Swapshop which includes: organising donations, pricing items and greeting customers! Contact: swapshop@shrubcoop.org

Workshops & Events: We organise events and upcycling workshops to educate the community about sustainable living. Contact: events@shrubcoop.org

Food Sharing: We re-distribute excess food from businesses to the community through our Food Sharing Hub and run sustainable cooking classes.
Contact: foodsharing@shrubcoop.org

Wee Spoke Hub: We organise DIY workshops for you to learn how to fix your own bike with help from trained mechanics. Contact: weespokehub@shrubcoop.org

Communications: We promote the coop’s activities and keep members informed about what’s happening. Contact: communications@shrubcoop.org 

Finance & Admin: We oversee general administration and maintaining financial records and forecasting. Contact: financeandadmin@shrubcoop.org

Welfare: We ensure the wellbeing of members, if you are experiencing any problems within the community, you can get in touch with us at welfare@shrubcoop.org

Governance & Policy: We take care of the Coop’s decision making processes and its legal obligations. Contact: goveranceandpolicy@shrubcoop.org

Monitoring and Evaluation: We provide central oversight and input of the Coop’s performance data. Contact: evaluation@shrubcoop.org

Human Resources: We ensure the wellbeing of our staff and offer them feedback and support. Contact: hr@shrubcoop.org

Community Projects: We run projects that take place within the wider Edinburgh community such as our End of Collections from student halls of residence.
Contact: communityprojects@shrubcoop.org

Trustees: We are the legal guardians of the Coop, responsible for oversight of risk & compliance, human resources, monitoring & evaluation, funding, and member engagement.

Our voluinteer roles