Introducing the Welfare Working Group

By Welfare Working Group, posted 27/02/20

Meet SHRUB's Welfare Working Group - who we are, what we do and how to get in touch with us.

It’s been a while but the Welfare Working Group is finally up and running again. Our team is small but our vision is vast! We’ve been working to pick up on the work of welfare working groups past to build and grow into a once-again fully functional, self-sustaining working group. We’ll now, hopefully, be able to work with all other groups and individuals at SHRUB to promote the health and wellbeing of all members, staff, and volunteers.

Our mission statement is:

“To ensure the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of staff, volunteers and members of the coop. This will include creating accessible welfare policies, caring for wellbeing through workshops and drop in sessions and arbitrating conflicts and complaints.”

Practically, this means we’ll be hosting meetings, drop-ins and various workshops throughout the year, open to anyone who feels up for attending. We’ll also be managing the email for anyone needing any kind of support, and we’ll be taking feedback on the running of SHRUB more generally. We’re still looking for more volunteers to help with the running of this group. The tasks are diverse and can include collecting resources, hosting drop-ins, talking to other volunteers and external organisations, or fulfilling any of your own welfare-related ideas!

If you have a suggestion, grievance, or concern; are needing help or resources; or feel like contacting welfare for any other reason please feel free to email or message any of the team individually.

So far this team includes some familiar faces and a new volunteer, all equally enthused by the well-being of all folk at SHRUB:


I work full-time at SHRUB as the CCF Project Coordinator, which means I’m involved in a lot of the work behind the scenes, from funding to HR, monitoring and welfare work. I am passionate about making sure that all of us working to make the world a better place don’t burn ourselves out in the process, and about making sure there’s a space for everyone in the SHRUB community.



A photo of Billie

I work for SHRUB as the Circular Economy Programme Coordinator. In this role I get to work with a lot of very passionate volunteers. An important part of my role is making sure that people’s passion and enthusiasm is harnessed and given space to grow in a safe space that is for everyone. That way we can continue to be a powerful force for the planet.



A photo of Ellie

I’ve recently joined SHRUB welfare volunteer team, after being involved with welfare at the Edinburgh Student Housing Cooperative and in various activist groups. SHRUB’s mission is so valuable and the community built around it is inspiring! I hope through maintaining a healthy welfare working group we can keep everyone here feeling empowered, respected, and content.



I joined the SHRUB welfare team after being inspired by the amazing community that SHRUB creates! I believe in everything SHRUB does, and I believe that it’s now more important than ever. However, I know that when you’re passionate about a project, it’s very easy to forget your own welfare and become burnt out, and so by being part of the welfare working group, I hope to help everyone to look after themselves as well as the planet.


Once again, we’d love to hear from anyone who is interested in joining! Please contact any of the people above or email if you’re interested.

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