Let’s Talk about Black Friday…

In case you’ve managed to miss all the aggressive advertising , Friday 24th of November, is Black Friday. One of the biggest shopping days in the year, retailers have prepped and primed for months, coming up with the best ways to get us to consume things we don’t need and don’t really want. Black Friday is not a good deal, for the consumers or makers of the products that fill sale shelves.

Consumers feel pressured into purchasing goods and advertising even aims to trick us into believing such purchases will improve our own and our families well-being. In our heart of hearts we know more things does not equal more happiness but cheap prices make it too easy to say yes and pernicious marketing makes it too hard to say no. Those who make products are put under enormous strain to create the same quality goods for a fraction of the price at the most stressful time of the year. Many small businesses fold or are starved of support as they just cannot compete on price with enormous retailers. In the long run, sale culture disrupts the way we interact with and acquire things. If the items we purchase are done so on a whim, listening to impulse rather than reason, bought because of their price, not their quality or use to us, all the items we possess are belittled. To be clear, consumption is not the issue, unconscious, wasteful and impulsive consumption is. Buy yourself and those you love nice things, but buy (or make!) them with the love and understanding they are intended to convey.

The Shrub Swap-Shop is a space where people can donate, swap and purchase pre-loved goods. Second-hand is definitely not second best and the shop has some wonderful gift ideas in stock right now. From books to clothes the Swap-Shop has a real treasure trove of donated items.  Throughout November and December there are also tonnes of events where you can create your own personalised and earth-friendly gifts for yourself and your loved ones! Learn how make gadget cases with scrap fabric, jewellery constructed out of bicycle inner tubes and upcycled Christmas decorations. Workshops are open to everyone and are a great gift in themselves, time is the most precious thing you can give, so why not bring your loved ones along? Shrub represents a practical and exciting alternative to the sometimes overwhelming pressure of impulsive consumerism. This Black Friday please don’t despair or give in to marketing tricks- Shrub has loads of waste-reducing, fun and creative events to see you through the holiday season and throughout the year!


Have a look through Shrub’s what’s on page on our website for details of all the upcoming events at Shrub- http://www.shrubcoop.org/whatson/

Find out more about creating some upcycled gadget cases on the 6th December- http://www.shrubcoop.org/whatson/upcycled-gadget-cases/

To create some amazing upcycled Christmas jewellery we have events on the 5th and 14th December- http://www.shrubcoop.org/whatson/upcycled-xmas-jewellery-making-with-ring-pulls/


If you’d like to create some upcycled Christmas decorations on the 4th December- http://www.shrubcoop.org/whatson/upcycled-xmas-lets-make-a-xmas-tree-2/