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🕐 16/05/22   👤 SHRUB Coop

Strut Your (Sustainable) Stuff

Fashion Revolution Week is a chance for action, education and empowerment.

🕐 18/04/22   👤 Aislinn Redbond

What is Fashion Revolution Week?

When news of the Rana Plaza collapse broke, the abuses of the fast fashion…

🕐 18/04/22   👤 Aislinn Redbond

The Easter Bunny: An Endangered Species

Can we expect the Easter Bunny to survive the sea of waste created during the…

🕐 11/04/22   👤 Aislinn Redbond

New Year's Resolution Inspiration

Looking for some ideas for changes you can make to help the planet this year?

🕐 01/01/22   👤 SHRUB Coop

’Tis the Season to Go Sustainable

How to do the festive season sustainably...

🕐 17/12/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Make Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!

Prevent textile waste this Christmas with Shrub

🕐 14/12/21   👤 Lindsey, Sustainable Fashion Volunteer

Become a trustee of SHRUB Coop!

We're recruiting for next year's trustees.

🕐 26/11/21   👤 SHRUB Coop

Product Certifications: Truth or Trap?

Sustainable. Vegan. Organic. Fairtrade. Ethical. You name the buzzword.

🕐 19/11/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

COP26: The Stakes and Costs

Our communications volunteer Aislinn Redbond looks into the impacts of the COP26…

🕐 01/11/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

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