Activists Get Crafty

We love craftivism!

🕐 15/09/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

How long did it take you to buy your last pair of pants?

The curse (or not) of conscious consumerism

🕐 13/09/21   👤 Lindsey, Sustainable Fashion Volunteer

Making Plastic Free July Last All Year

We can’t keep the July weather, but we can keep living plastic free!

🕐 26/07/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Be Careful What You Wish(cycle) For

The best intentions can sometimes lead us to make more damaging decisions for…

🕐 22/07/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

There Is More Than One Way To Strut Down A Catwalk

We look into ableism in the fashion industry and people who are tackling this…

🕐 16/07/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Swapshop Open for Donations

We are looking for donations in the Swapshop again, read below to see what we…

🕐 12/07/21   👤 Swapshop

Reclaiming the Emancipatory Power of the Bicycle

We look into the bicycle as a symbol of women's liberation

🕐 08/07/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Don’t Rainbow-Wash Our Parade

How do we discern what true ally-ship looks like amidst this bombardment of…

🕐 25/06/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

SHRUB Safer Spaces Policy

We have this information on our website to ensure our community members feel…

🕐 25/06/21   👤 SHRUB Coop

How To Look After Yourself

Our Swapshop Coordinator needs to get something off her chest

🕐 08/06/21   👤 Joanne Elston

Making Sustainable Fashion More Inclusive

Shrub’s Swap Shop has a plus-size range of clothing available, making…

🕐 21/05/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Wee Spoke Hub Price List

Buy a Bike and Parts Price List

🕐 21/05/21   👤 Wee Spoke Hub

Kids’ Hand-Me-Downs

The best kept secret in sustainable fashion?

🕐 20/05/21   👤 Lindsey

National Bike Month

Here at Shrub Coop, we love the planet, we love cycling and so we love National…

🕐 16/05/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Swapshop Reopening Tuesday 27th

Reopening after Lockdown 2

🕐 25/04/21   👤 Syd

Foreign Textile Markets

An insight into foreign textile markets from our Swapshop Coordinator

🕐 23/04/21   👤 Joanne Elston

Relax and Restore: Finding a Balance for the Earth

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how quickly nature can bounce back from human…

🕐 19/04/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Strut Your (Sustainable) Stuff

Fashion Revolution Week is a chance for action, education and empowerment.

🕐 19/04/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Textile Recycling, what are the facts?

Our sustainable fashion team have exploring the truth behing textile recycling

🕐 19/04/21   👤 Sustainable Fashion Working Group

What is Fashion Revolution Week?

When news of the Rana Plaza collapse broke, the abuses of the fast fashion…

🕐 18/04/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

A Less-Than-Cheerful Assessment of the Fashion Industry (Part II)

Know Your Clothes

🕐 04/04/21   👤 Marta Lynch

The Easter Bunny: An Endangered Species

Can we expect the Easter Bunny to survive the sea of waste created during the…

🕐 03/04/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Second Hand Clothing Markets

An insight into charity shop donating from our Swapshop Coordinator

🕐 30/03/21   👤 Joanne Elston

Making Earth Hour Count

Join us for WWF's annual Earth Hour Campaign

🕐 24/03/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Getting onto the Saddle

Time to put away the excuses. Here are some tips to get started cycling around…

🕐 18/03/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Our Fabric Awareness Booklet is Now Available!

Insider knowledge and thoughts from our Swapshop Coordinator.

🕐 12/03/21   👤 Joanne Elston

Celebrating the Women of Shrub

Our volunteer Lauriane interviews Billie, Lili, and Mary for International…

🕐 08/03/21   👤 SHRUB Coop

Climate Change is not an Equal Opportunities Destroyer

Looking at 'feminist solutions' to the climate crisis on International Women's…

🕐 08/03/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

These Storied Pages

Celebrating the connection reading offers on World Book Day.

🕐 04/03/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Inspiring recipes using common Foodsharing finds

Shaking up your weekly meal planning!

🕐 23/02/21   👤 Fergus Whyte

How the LGBTQ+ Community is Shaping Climate Activism: Part II

Introducing...Aletta Brady.

🕐 23/02/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Meet Our New Trustees!

Everything you need to know

🕐 23/02/21   👤 SHRUB Coop

How the LGBTQ+ Community is Shaping Climate Activism

Introducing... Jamie Margolin.

🕐 16/02/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Stop Plastic Pollution in our Oceans: Why Recycling is not the Ultimate Solution

Looking for solutions beyond simply recycling

🕐 12/02/21   👤 Lauriane Bourdiau

A Less-Than-Cheerful Assessment of the Fashion Industry (Part I)

Know Your Clothes

🕐 10/02/21   👤 Marta Lynch

Undressing the Concept of Gender in Fashion

Corsets, high heels and makeup - men wore them first.

🕐 09/02/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Introducing, People of Shrub!

Wondering how People of Shrub got started? Amy Webster explains it all.

🕐 08/02/21   👤 Amy Webster

Funding Update

We've been awarded a new grant!

🕐 27/01/21   👤 SHRUB Coop

Cycle Repair Scheme

Get your bike repaired for free

🕐 25/01/21   👤 Wee Spoke Hub

Zero Waste Hub Lockdown Opening Times

Food Sharing Opening Times

🕐 22/01/21   👤 SHRUB Coop

Food Sharing Hub Open!

operating hours during lockdown

🕐 05/01/21   👤 Sydney

A huge THANK YOU to our incredible community!

From all of us at SHRUB, we want to say a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to all…

🕐 17/12/20   👤 SHRUB

Sharing Skills for Everyday Cycling

Keen cyclist and SHRUB volunteer Lisa shares her tips for embracing everyday…

🕐 10/11/20   👤 Lisa Heywood

Become a trustee of SHRUB Coop!

We're recruiting for next year's trustees. Application deadline 9am, 20th…

🕐 05/11/20   👤 SHRUB Coop

The Wee Spoke Hub is starting the journey to reopening!

After months of uncertainty about the future of the Wee Spoke Hub we are excited…

🕐 15/10/20   👤 Wee Spoke Hub

"I can make that!"

An introduction to eco-friendly DIY by our Comms Volunteer Amy Webster

🕐 21/09/20   👤 Amy Webster

The Great Oat Milk Debate!

Our Cafe Coordinator Alun takes a look at sustainability credentials of the…

🕐 21/09/20   👤 Alun Evans

Members' General Meeting this Sunday!

SHRUB Coop members: hear what we're up to / help shape our future!

🕐 27/08/20   👤 SHRUB Cooperative

Our Cafe is back!

The SHRUB Cafe has now reopened for take-away!

🕐 26/08/20   👤 SHRUB Cooperative

We're reopening! Here's how...

Everything you need to know about our new ways of working!

🕐 06/07/20   👤 Shrub Coop

Zero Waste Hub reopen 8th July!!

Shrub Coop is excited to confirm we will reopen our Zero Waste Hub on 8th July!

🕐 25/06/20   👤 SHRUB Cooperative

Request for Proposals: Consultancy Task “Project Fundraising Assistance”

An exciting opportunity to join the SHRUB team as a Project Fundraising…

🕐 01/06/20   👤 SHRUB Cooperative

Taking care of yourself during lockdown

With social distancing set to continue for some time, the welfare team at SHRUB…

🕐 13/05/20   👤 Corran

Workshop Recipe: Make your own ricotta cheese!

A beginners guide to making cheese from home.

🕐 03/05/20   👤 SHRUB Coop

We're trialing a new steering group

We have an important update to share about the future strategic direction of…

🕐 01/05/20   👤 SHRUB Coop

What is a Wardrobe Audit?

Do you feel like you have too many clothes? Most people do and yet we still…

🕐 30/04/20   👤 Swapshop

SHRUB Coop is having an impact on waste in Edinburgh, here's how...

We've just finished crunching the numbers and filed the report for our Climate…

🕐 22/04/20   👤 SHRUB Coop

6 eco-friendly swaps to make lockdown life easier

Buy less, waste less and reduce your environmental footprint, during lockdown…

🕐 16/04/20   👤 Izi Robe

Funding update

We wanted to share with you some important news on where we are...

🕐 26/03/20   👤 SHRUB Coop

Can you help us continue to create a world without waste?

COVID-19 is having a big impact on our income.

🕐 21/03/20   👤 SHRUB Coop

Coronavirus update: All activities temporarily suspended

Zero Waste Hub & Wee Spoke Hub are temporarily closed

🕐 17/03/20   👤 SHRUB Coop

Introducing the Welfare Working Group

Meet SHRUB's Welfare Working Group - who we are, what we do and how to get in…

🕐 27/02/20   👤 Welfare Working Group

Job Opportunity: Part-Time Swapshop Coordinator

An exciting opportunity to join the SHRUB team as a Part-time…

🕐 19/02/20   👤 SHRUB Cooperative

Trustee opportunity: We're looking for a treasurer!

Could you be our new treasurer? Apply here!

🕐 06/02/20   👤 SHRUB Coop

Job Opportunity: Events Coordinator

An exciting opportunity to join the SHRUB team as Events Coordinator!

🕐 30/01/20   👤 SHRUB Coop

Our journey to a zero waste café begins!

Tueday 7th January. That's the date for your diaries.

🕐 01/01/20   👤 Izi Robe

Become a trustee of SHRUB Coop!

We're recruiting for next year's trustees. Application deadline 24th November

🕐 25/10/19   👤 SHRUB Coop

Job Opportunity: Swapshop retail coordinator

We're hiring for a part time retail coordinator for our Swapshop!

🕐 19/09/19   👤 SHRUB Coop

Job Opportunity: Wee Spoke Hub Mechanic

An exciting opportunity has to join the team at the Wee Spoke Hub!

🕐 17/09/19   👤 SHRUB Coop

Job Opportunity: Café Coordinator

An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the staff team at SHRUB Coop!

🕐 13/09/19   👤 SHRUB Coop

3 things we learned from our quarterly membership survey!

We care about our SHRUB community, which is why every three months the…

🕐 26/07/19   👤 SHRUB Coop

Making sustainable fashion choices in Edinburgh

“Out with the old and in with the new” is the mantra that crops up at this time…

🕐 26/03/19   👤 Jess

How you can help to reduce food waste in Edinburgh

Did you know that almost a third of all food produced globally is thrown away?

🕐 05/03/19   👤 Jess

Welcome to Bicycle Matters

The Bicycle Matters Events programme is here!

🕐 02/02/19   👤 Events and Workshops


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