Swapshop Reopening Tuesday 27th

Reopening after Lockdown 2

🕐 25/04/21   👤 Syd

Foreign Textile Markets

An insight into foreign textile markets from our Swapshop Coordinator

🕐 23/04/21   👤 Joanne Elston

Relax and Restore: Finding a Balance for the Earth

The COVID-19 pandemic showed us how quickly nature can bounce back from human…

🕐 19/04/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Strut Your (Sustainable) Stuff

Fashion Revolution Week is a chance for action, education and empowerment.

🕐 19/04/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Textile Recycling, what are the facts?

Our sustainable fashion team have exploring the truth behing textile recycling

🕐 19/04/21   👤 Sustainable Fashion Working Group

What is Fashion Revolution Week?

When news of the Rana Plaza collapse broke, the abuses of the fast fashion…

🕐 18/04/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Social Media Accounts We Recommend if You Like Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

Know Your Clothes

🕐 05/04/21   👤 Marta Lynch

A Less-Than-Cheerful Assessment of the Fashion Industry (Part II)

Know Your Clothes

🕐 04/04/21   👤 Marta Lynch

The Easter Bunny: An Endangered Species

Can we expect the Easter Bunny to survive the sea of waste created during the…

🕐 03/04/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Second Hand Clothing Markets

An insight into charity shop donating from our Swapshop Coordinator

🕐 30/03/21   👤 Joanne Elston

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