Be Careful What You Wish(cycle) For

The best intentions can sometimes lead us to make more damaging decisions for…

🕐 22/07/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

There Is More Than One Way To Strut Down A Catwalk

We look into ableism in the fashion industry and people who are tackling this…

🕐 16/07/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Swapshop Open for Donations

We are looking for donations in the Swapshop again, read below to see what we…

🕐 12/07/21   👤 Swapshop

Reclaiming the Emancipatory Power of the Bicycle

We look into the bicycle as a symbol of women's liberation

🕐 08/07/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Don’t Rainbow-Wash Our Parade

How do we discern what true ally-ship looks like amidst this bombardment of…

🕐 25/06/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

SHRUB Safer Spaces Policy

We have this information on our website to ensure our community members feel…

🕐 25/06/21   👤 SHRUB Coop

How To Look After Yourself

Our Swapshop Coordinator needs to get something off her chest

🕐 08/06/21   👤 Joanne Elston

Making Sustainable Fashion More Inclusive

Shrub’s Swap Shop has a plus-size range of clothing available, making…

🕐 21/05/21   👤 Aislinn Redbond

Wee Spoke Hub Price List

Buy a Bike and Parts Price List

🕐 21/05/21   👤 Wee Spoke Hub

Kids’ Hand-Me-Downs

The best kept secret in sustainable fashion?

🕐 20/05/21   👤 Lindsey

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