SHRUB Coop is having an impact on waste in Edinburgh, here's how...

By SHRUB Coop, posted 22/04/20

We've just finished crunching the numbers and filed the report for our Climate Challenge Fund project between April 2018 and March 2020.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve been tackling climate change on a community level by reducing waste and consumption practices in Edinburgh. SHRUB has come a long way in this time and we hope to go much further with renewed funding for a further 2 years to run our Swapshop, events and workshops, and the annual End of Term Collections from student halls.

Many people across the city now know SHRUB as the vibrant and immersive community to talk about and find new innovative ideas to tackle the ecological crisis together. Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the 2018 to 2020 CCF project, and we look forward to another 2 years of working towards a world without waste!

You can read the full report here: SHRUB_Cooperative_CCF_Final_Report_2018-2020

We are proud to say in the past two years SHRUB has:

Doubled the staff and projects in our organisation.

Found a new home and community at our thriving Zero Waste Hub which has become an engaging and important space for this community.

Started the first Rescued Food Supermarket in Scotland (known as the Food Sharing Hub).

  • Saved over 600t of Co2e savings across our projects:

117t of Co2e from Swapshop

941kg Co2e from Wee Spoke Hub

60t of Co2e at the End of Term Collections

3424kg of Co2e from the Food Sharing Hub

  • An additional 427t of Co2e from Food Sharing Network (housed in the Zero Waste Hub but funded by Zero Waste Edinburgh)
  • Engaged over 341 volunteers on a regular basis in our continuous projects.
  • Engaged another 214 volunteers in our annual End of Term collections.
  • Engaged 2,800 students at the University of Edinburgh in circular economy with our annual Freeshop event where we redistributed over 18 tonnes of preloved goods to students.
  • Had a total of 706 active members, including volunteers, paid members and SHRUB staff in our community.
  • Ran an extensive list of carbon literacy and educational programmes including 27 sustainable fashion events, 264 bike repair workshops and monthly working group meetings.
  • Had over 647 attendees at our Sustainable Fashion series since its launch in June 2019. We have collaborated with multiple other organisations to create a range of events including Fashion Revolution Scotland, Crofts and Pots in Leith and the Remakery project.
  • Nearly quadrupled our revenue with our new premises for a sustainable social enterprise model. With an average revenue of £13,486pa in March 2018 and an average of £51,141 pa by March 2020.
  • Provided extensive volunteer and staff training and have regular daily conversations with individuals who are changing the behaviours and habits due to the SHRUB’s projects in the Zero Waste Hub.
  • Developed our Carbon accounting software Murakami to allow for complete and succinct carbon accounting figures for our customers, volunteers and reports.
  • Achieved charity status and social enterprise status.
  • Achieved Revolve ‘Second-Hand quality standards body’ accreditation and featured in newsletter as a model store.
  • Hired a Cafe Coordinator for the Zero Waste Hub, our first staff member hired by revenue!
  • Developed our financial, HR and HS practices as a larger organisation and developed organisational oversight.
  • Achieved accurate regular monthly financial reporting for all areas of SHRUB by creating a new till system and transferring our accounting to Xero.
  • Developed our internal and external communication platforms.

SHRUB Coop is supported through a combination of grant funding and generous donations from our community. We’re grateful for all their support. Find out more about our grant funders by clicking on the logos above.