SHRUB Safer Spaces Policy

By SHRUB Coop, posted 25/06/21

We have this information on our website to ensure our community members feel safe.

SHRUB aims to provide a safe environment, which is welcoming, engaging and supportive for everyone.

Everyone is personally responsible for their own behaviour.

Do not judge or put each other down.

1. We do not accept prejudiced behaviour or comments

Including prejudice based on for example: Race, Age, Sexual orientation, Gender, Gender identity and Gender presentation, Disability status, Ethnicity, Nationality, Class, Asylum status etc.

You should avoid assuming the opinions and identifications of others.

2. You should try to communicate respectfully with others.

- Try to use people’s correct pronouns, names.

- Try to avoid speaking about psychologically upsetting topics (including but not limited to: rape, sexual assault, self-harm, suicide, abuse etc.) at SHRUB events. Where possible, begin with a warning.

- Be aware that using swear words or raising your voice may impact others. If they ask you to stop, please respect their wishes.

- Keep in mind that your social category (age, gender, level of experience at SHRUB etc.) might affect the way others respond to you. Make sure you give others a chance to speak if you are speaking a lot in a conversation or meeting.

3. Respect each other’s physical and emotional boundaries, and always ensure there is consent before physical contact or discussing potentially personal or upsetting topics. If unsure, always ask.

4. If someone asks not to participate in a task, please respect their decision. We are all responsible for making sure that people don’t overstretch themselves.

5. Please do not bring drugs or alcohol onto the premises, unless agreed otherwise in advance. Negative behaviour caused by drugs or alcohol will not be accepted.

6. In order to be more accessible for people with eating disorders, please place food on a table to the side, so that people can choose whether to engage with it or not.

7. If someone says or does something to make you feel unsafe, they can be asked to leave the space straight away.

If someone makes a comment or behaves in a way that goes against this policy, remember “respect the person but challenge their behaviour.” Often people are not aware that their behaviour is unwelcome or misunderstood. If you feel able to engage with the issue then a respectful informal discussion can lead to more understanding between you and an agreement that the behaviour will end.


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