SHRUB’s Big Move!

SHRUB began with humble but significant beginnings where collections of student waste were taken in and redistributed in the fresher’s week Freeshops. Since then it can be argued that SHRUB has grown into a tree! We have the Swapshop and Wee Spoke Hub on Guthrie St, as well as Food Sharing Edinburgh, and we also run numerous events and workshops. Not to mention the working groups that keep things running behind the scenes!

We are now moving into our third Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) funding round where we have been awarded two years of support. Alongside Zero Waste Scotland funding for a Zero Waste Edinburgh, this takes SHRUB’s grant funds for the next two years to around half a million!

We’ve got some very exciting plans for all this funding. Our next step is to expand and this is already underway:

  • The Zero Waste Edinburgh team has moved into 17 Guthrie Street. The front space is being redesigned to be opened as a dedicated workshop space come the first week of July.
  • We are moving the Swapshop a more prominent location, where it will share with our brand new Food Sharing Hub. The Food Sharing Hub will operate as a distribution centre for waste food and be Scotland’s first rescued food supermarket! We’re hoping to open our new location in August 2018.
  • 13 Guthrie Street will be transformed into the expanded Wee Spoke Hub bike workshop space, as well as additional space for hosting SHRUB meetings. We aim to get this running in August 2018 too!

So, as you may have guessed, this is going to take a lot of work to make happen.

This would not be a SHRUB move without SHRUB community effort!

How can you help us make this happen? Come join us for space planning, ideas generation, painting, decorating, building, moving and grooving. We want to do this in true SHRUB style: together and with fun! Without you this will not be possible.

For more details or to register your skills, interest and availability please email, or shoot us a Facebook message!

Key Dates:

  • Swapshop closed, aims to re-open August 2018
  • WSH all activities to be suspended from 25th June 2018, aims to re-open in August 2018.
  • Workshops to be opening the 7th July 2018. 

Shrubby love xxx