Staff Appointments for Zero Waste Towns Project

Ollie Nathan – Project Co-ordinator (job share)

After 5 years of volunteering at the SHRUB in various capacities, Ollie Nathan is now in post (Job share with Winna) as the Project Coordinator role for the new Zero Waste Towns Project. This means keeping up a healthy community and making sure the administration and finance is in order. Ollie holds a masters in Global Health and Policy following her interest in ‘getting to the root’ of issues and acts to support those around her to use cooperative ways of working to reach their personal and social potentials (ask more for details :-)). Key interests include new economy, Processwork, and Music.

Siri Pantzar – Circular Economy Co-ordinator

Siri is the new Circular Economy Coordinator for the Zero Waste Town project, working 28h / week to coordinate events, worksh ops and expanded collections activity – and she’d love to hear from you if that’s something you’re interested in working on! She has an MSc in Global Environment, Politics and Society, and in her spare time she volunteers for 2050 Climate Group doing events and policy work, and also plays drums, dances and occasionally walks on stilts with Beltane Fire Society.

Laurie King – Food Sharing Hub Co-ordinator

Laurie is a graduate of the universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, and has been involved in Food Sharing as an active member and was the founder of Waste not Wednesday. He loves bringing people together to co-create a better world, and believes fully in the importance of having loads of fun along the way! He is a big fan of vegan desserts, evening cycle rides and meditation.


Winna Cooper – Project Co-ordinator (job share)

Winna joined SHRUB in December 2017 as a Project Coordinator (job shared) for Zero Waste Towns Project.

In the last few years, she has been involved in delivering community-led projects which were funded by Climate Challenge Fund and aimed to tackle climate change from the grassroots level. As a result, she has become an energy advisor, a cycle ride Leader, and an educator to prevent waste and to communicate climate change. With an educational background in Business Administration and Sustainable Development, she is passionate about living in harmony with nature in the complex society we live in. In her free time, she is interested in animals (dogs especially), gardening, knitting and photography

Rob Simpson – Communications Co-ordinator 

Rob is really excited to get started on the Zero Waste Town project at SHRUB. He previously worked in the TV industry on science shows for the BBC, Channel 4 and National Geographic.

He has some experience putting his creative skills towards encouraging behaviour change. In 2015 he was part of the digital team for Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, a global day of action around healthy eating choices which achieved over 1.5 million signatures on our petition.

He has just finished an MSc in environmental politics at the University of Edinburgh. His main interest is in creatively and effectively communicating environmental issues and climate change.