Food Sharing Collections Volunteer

About Food Sharing Edinburgh

Food Sharing Edinburgh is an exciting community powered food waste reduction programme run by the SHRUB Coop. We are part of a global movement of communities uniting to end food waste. We collect food that would otherwise be disposed of (but which is still perfectly edible) and distribute it to those who can use it. Food Sharing aims to bring people together to eat well, end waste and create a more sustainable food system.

About the Opportunity

  • Food Sharing Edinburgh collects excess food from 26 small to medium sized local businesses and re-distributes it to the community.
  • Businesses have no obligation to donate food to us, but choose to prevent their surplus food from going to waste. 
  • We need volunteers who can collect and re-distribute food from the same place at the same time every week. This is very important in order to maintain good relationships with our partner businesses.
  • We have two rules about food redistribution – you can’t use food for any commercial purpose (such as selling it) or throw it away. Depending on your business, you will be asked to deliver to a local charity or community group, or to re-distribute amongst friends, family, neighbours and colleagues.
  • You will be accompanied by a Team Facilitator on your first collection – they will introduce you to the business and show you what to do.

Skills and Experience

  • Good communication skills – to let your Team Facilitator know if your availability changes.
  • Punctual and reliable.
  • A desire to play an active role in reducing food waste!

Practical Details

  • This role usually takes around 1 hour per week (depending on your distance from the business).
  • You will be provided with a Team Facilitator – this is a volunteer who coordinates the collections for your business and will be your main point of contact in the Food Sharing Edinburgh programme. The Team Facilitator is also the main point of contact between Food Sharing Edinburgh and the business so please make sure you talk to them about any problems you may have with the business or your collection.
  • If you are not able to do your collection for any reason, please give your Team Facilitator as much notice as possible so they can find someone to fill in for you. 
  • The food can sometimes be heavy so we don’t expect you to take it all if you cannot carry it.
  • Most collections can be done easily by foot or bike – a car is not required. Just make sure you take along some sturdy bags to carry the food.

How to Apply

To sign up to volunteer, please contact Nicola at and request the list of available collections – they change often!