The Wee Spoke Hub

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The Wee Spoke Hub is a friendly, relaxed and not-for-profit cycling initiative aiming to overcome barriers to cycling.

We currently focus on four things:

  1. A free supported DIY bike workshop open to anyone 
  2. Crisis Bike Workshop
  3. Fun and Empowering Cycle Training
  4. Bikes for All Workshop

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1) A free supported DIY bike workshop open to anyone 

Every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-8 our amazing volunteers offer people the opportunity to learn how to fix their bikes in a relaxed and non-patronising way.

Check out here when/if the next workshop is on. 


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2) Crisis Bike WorkshopShrub_Wee_Spoke_Hub_by_David_P_Scott_Photography_Edinburgh-2-1250x834

We offer our workshop to the charity Crisis, who run an essential maintenance course for people without permanent abode. The course aims to those in need the chance to develop new skills, gain some qualifications and offers them the opportunity to gain a bike, which can significantly increase their mobility. 


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3) Fun and Empowering Cycle Training

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Boost your cycling confidence and knowledge with our free and fun cycling skills courses! 

Courses take 2.5h and are available for beginners and more advanced cyclists. Boost your cycling confidence and knowledge with our free and fun cycling skills courses! 

Please book your place at

Check out our friend Craig’s blog on what it’s meant to him to regain his cycling confidence.

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4. Bikes for All

Our ‘Bikes for All’ project (funded by Cycling Scotland) aims to overcome barriers to cycling faced by groups within the Edinburgh area, by providing people with bikes which have been donated to the Wee Spoke Hub, fixed up and safety-checked by our team of volunteers.

Get involved! 

We’re looking for people with bike maintenance/repair skills and enthusiasm to help empower others to cycle. Can you put your skills to use and help fix up donated bikes? Check out our volunteer roles as a workshop facilitator or assistant.

We’re also on the hunt for donations of bikes. Preferably decent quality and not completely falling apart! We’ll happily take any size of bike as we fix up bikes for children and young people as well as adults.

**Please check with us before donating a bike**

We have limited space in the SHRUB so need to plan donations carefully. Please drop us a line at to arrange a drop off. Thank you!

Volunteers and participants at the Wee Spoke Hub


How do I get involved?

There are four volunteer positions available at the Wee Spoke Hub:

  • Community Bike Workshop Facilitator, 3.5h/week (Tue or Thu, 4:45 – 8:15pm)
  • Community Bike Workshop Assistant, 3h/week (Tue or Thu, 5-8pm)
  • Bikes for All Workshop Facilitator, 3.5h/week (Wed 4.45-8.15)
  • Bikes for All Workshop Assistant, 3h/week (Wed 5-8)

A detailed description of all the available roles can be found here.

Please send an e-mail to if you’re interested in any of these opportunities or require any more information. 

Like us on Facebook to keep up to date with all our workshops and events.

So what stuff do you have?

– all the essentials such as allen keys, spanners, chain tool and other friends
– puncture repair kits
– bike pump
– spoke keys
– wheel truer
– vice
– chain cleaning apparatus
– and other small tools which are too small to be mentioned here

– all the grease and oil one could ever ask for
– inner tubes (common sizes)
– brake pads (we don’t have any funk for disc brakes)
– brake cables (outer and inner)
– gear cables
– chains
– bearings
– and random selection of second hand parts such as seats, wheels (mostly 26), pedals, a curious variety of brake and gear parts (all of the mentioned second hand parts are subject to availability and randomness)

Hopefully see you soon! 🙂 

Your Wee Spoke Hub