Valentines sale: the reason why

Ok, so yes we have produced some funny images of clothes looking for a date or books looking to be re-homed; however, there is a more serious reason for our fun and why we are encouraging people into the Swap Shop this week.

You may have read our blog about Christmas – The most wasteful time of the year.

Well Valentines is pretty similar, with boxes of chocolates full of individually wrapped sweets, bunches of flowers that have flown half-way round the world before being bundled in plastic, and stuffed toys that are rarely cuddled or kept (especially after a break up), being lapped up and given, with the best of intentions, to our loved ones.

But all this love is causing a lot of unnecessary waste and emissions.

So, we want to suggest another way; show your love this valentines by wearing something pre-loved, make your special some-one an upcycled gift, or give them a book that has more than one story to tell.

At SHRUB we love swapping and reuse and we think that this valentines you and your special someone or, ones, might too!

Visit us Tues, Wed, Thurs or Sat 2-7pm this week (13th-17th Feb) for half price on Clothes and Books….

See you at the Swap Shop