Food Sharing Edinburgh

About Food Sharing Edinburgh

In 2013 a group of students began Food Sharing in Edinburgh with the aim of re-distributing good quality excess food from businesses to the community.

For the last 5 years, we’ve been working with over 20 businesses to collect surplus food and sharing it with local charities.

We also run a sustainable cooking workshops in student halls, teaching students basic cooking skills and tasty no-waste recipes. Volunteers run these workshops after being trained by a chef.

Food Sharing Edinburgh

The Food Waste Problem

Worldwide one-third of all food goes to waste. Supermarkets are a big part of the problem, for example, a single chain wasted 46,684 tonnes of food in 2017.

In central Edinburgh, 27.1 tonnes of food go to waste every week – that’s equivalent of roughly 54,000 meals unnecessarily thrown in the bin while many people suffer from food poverty.

The Food Sharing Hub

We’ve created Scotland’s first ever recycled food shop, and it’s called The Food Sharing Hub!

The goal of the Food Sharing Hub is to save surplus food from shops, restaurants and supermarkets from an unnecessary fate in the bin. The food is still fresh and good to eat and you get to pay as you feel.


Simply come along to the Food Sharing Hub and sign up as a member for as little as £1 a month.

As a member you can fill one basket of food per day and pay as you feel to help us cover our costs.

Membership of SHRUB Coop also includes access to swapping clothes and books at our swapshop and all sorts of extra benefits.

Opening Times

The Food Sharing Hub will be open from the 24th of January, 2019

Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 12pm to 4pm

Food Sharing Edinburgh
Food Sharing Edinburgh
Food Sharing Edinburgh

Volunteer with us!

SHRUB Coop is run by volunteers and we always need more helping hands. As a volunteer you get free membership of the coop and the Food Sharing Hub.

Checkout our available roles at or email us at

Join our Facebook Group!

Are you going away and have too much food to finish yourself? Did you have friends over and cook too much? Individuals can share their excess food on our facebook group and anyone who could eat it can comment and claim the food!

Our Funders

The Food Sharing Hub is part of the Zero Waste Edinburgh, a project to establish long-lasting strategies to reduce waste in the southside of Edinburgh’s Old Town and is supported by a grant of £300,000 in funding by Zero Waste Scotland and the European Regional Development Fund until March 2020.