Swapshop & Freeshop

Swapshop & Freeshop

Open: Weds/Thurs/Fri/Sat 12-5pm

How does swapping work?

Bring in an item and a lovely Swapshop volunteer will value it in Shrub-tokens, you can then look around the shop and spend your tokens on the great items that others in the community have swapped in! Easy!

(You can also spend normal money or use some tokens some money to pay for the great stuff you get!)

To use the Swapshop, pay us a visit and sign up as a member! Sign up for as little as £1 per month (£12 per year) and get access to the Members’ year-round Freeshop!

Swapshop & Freeshop

Nothing to swap or want to support us financially?
We accept cash for the things in store. Volunteers price things by looking up the cheapest online price and giving you that.
Become a Shrub member for as little as £1 per month (£12 per year) and get stuff for up to 20% off non-member price & access to the Members’ year-round Freeshop!

The SHRUB relies on Volunteers to stay alive. If you have a few hours spare a week and can help this wonderful project in your own special way, please drop us a line: hello@shrubcoop.org or drop in to the shop!
Volunteers get 3 tokens per hour to spend in store.

Freshers’ Freeshop

We’ve been running the end-of-term collections

Swapshop & Freeshop

in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh (Big shout-out to Sandra Kinnear) since 2008.

At this legendary event, we spend 2 weeks (last week of May & 1st week of June) collecting up all the stuff that students used to throw away, sort it, weigh it, and store it over the summer (Big thanks to partners Bright Green Initiative). We estimate that it has saved over 75 tons of stuff from landfill over the past 10 years, with last year saving over 15 tons! If you want to help with this mammoth waste-saving enterprise email hello@shrubcoop.org