About the map

We’ve built this map to make living sustainably in Edinburgh a little bit easier. Are you out of washing up liquid and looking for your nearest refill shop? Or are you seeking to kit out your wardrobe with second hand fashion? By browsing the categories on this map, you’ll be able to browse all sorts of useful suggestions and opportunities across the city in handy one place.

Top tip: Expand the map legend by clicking on the button in the top left-hand corner of the map. This will help you filter categories to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Help us improve it!

If you have suggestions for businesses or community projects to appear on the map, please get in touch at info.zwe@shrubcoop.org. We want this resource to encourage businesses to take positives steps towards sustainability however SHRUB Coop reserves the right to exclude listings that don’t meet our ethical standards.

SHRUB Coop is supported through a combination of grant funding and generous donations from our community. We’re grateful for all their support. Find out more about our grant funders by clicking on the logos above.