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We're a community-led cooperative in Edinburgh working for a world without waste!

We empower our community to live a low carbon life. With us you can learn to fix a bike, swap your preloved things, enjoy some rescued food, socialise in our vegan café, attend social and sustainable events, and be inspired by new ideas!

We are a living laboratory 

We are a charity

We are a cooperative

We are a diverse community

We are a grassroots organisation

We are a group of people taking action to create change!

community book shop

We are a community-led zero waste cooperative, working to make a sustainable lifestyle accessible to everyone. We do this through our Swapshop, Food Sharing Hub, vegan Cafe, events, and our bike shop, The Wee Spoke Hub.

Community events

At our Zero Waste Hub we have multiple events every week ranging from yoga classes to sewing workshops.

At The Wee Spoke Hub we have led rides to build cycling confidence, bike repair workshops, build-your-own-bike sessions and more.

Bike repair center

At our Zero Waste Hub, we have a Swapshop, a vegan café, and a Food Sharing Hub. At The Wee Spoke Hub we have a bike repair workshop and a bike shop where we sell new and second hand bikes and bike parts.


You can volunteer with us or you can pay a small yearly fee to join our community as a Member! Our spaces are open to everyone, whether you have membership or not.

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