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We wouldn’t be able to run without the help of our amazing volunteers and always need more helping hands! Our volunteering opportunities will be available below very soon and you can find any vacancies advertised on our social media!


Our volunteers get free membership, training opportunities, learn about the circular economy and how a cooperative works - and become part of our community! 


For general volunteering enquiries please email

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Our Working Groups

There are so many ways you can get involved at SHRUB! You can join whichever working groups best match your skillset or what you want to learn more about. Take a look at our Working Groups below and see what would suit you best!


We look after the Swapshop which includes: organising donations, pricing items and greeting customers! Also includes our Sustainable Fashion activities and events.


We organise events and upcycling workshops to educate the community about sustainable living.


We re-distribute excess food from businesses to the community through our Food Sharing Hub.


We organise DIY workshops for you to learn how to fix your own bike with help from trained mechanics.


We look after the Zero Waste Hub Cafe, helping provide a welcoming space for all the community.


We promote the coop’s activities and keep members informed about what’s happening.


We oversee general administration, maintaining financial records and forecasting. The group includes Monitoring and Evaluation, Bookkeeping, Management Accounts, Social Enterprise and Funding subgroups.



We research and bid for grant funding to support SHRUB’s projects and core operations.


We ensure the wellbeing of members, if you are experiencing any problems within the community, you can get in touch with us at


We take care of the Coop’s decision making processes and other working practices and policies.


We ensure the wellbeing of our staff and offer them feedback and support.


We are the legal guardians of the Coop, responsible for oversight of risk & compliance, human resources, monitoring & evaluation, funding, and member engagement.

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Bike Wrangler

Repair and refurbish bikes donated to the Wee Spoke Hub to put them back on the road and sell them in our Wee Shop!

This is an opportunity to gain experience as well as to share any experience you have with the other volunteers.

Assistant Bike Wrangler

The assistant bike wrangler is perfect for you if you've always wanted to know more about bike maintenance, but didn't think yourself suitable.  Come and have fun, get your hands dirty.

Newsletter Editor

Work with our comms coordinator to write, put together and design the SHRUB monthly newsletter. Improve our open and click rates on Mailchimp and make the newsletter more accessible! 

Health and Safety vollie

Help us ensure that the Zero Waste Hub is safe for the staff, volunteers, and community. Lend a hand with repairs, risk assessments, fire safety compliance etc.


Take photos at our events in the evenings or cool photos from outfits in our Swapshop! 


Help guide our charity through 2024! Trustees are responsible for overseeing development of the organisation's strategic framework and long-term planning. 

Events volunteer

Help us run events by opening and readying the events space, serving food and drink, closing, light cleaning and cashing up. Opportunity to also create and run internal events that will be open to our community. 

Enterprise and finance vollie

The team is responsible for keeping the core of the organisation going and supporting and developing future projects for our community.. We support bookeeping, finance reporting, project monitoring and evaluation, fundraising and enterprise development. We need a variety of skills in different roles! 

Swapshop volunteer

Are you interested in being part of a thriving community project and challenging fast fashion? Getting hands-on retail customer service experience in a friendly environment? Join the team to help create a world without waste!

Space Engineer

The Wee Spoke Hub has a huge heart, but it lives in a tiny space - to work effectively we need to make the best use of it.  That's where our space engineers come in.  They are our most important volunteers, and happy to operate behind the scenes to make the Wee Spoke Hub spin.

Social media content creator

We need more engaging, fun and creative content on our social media platforms - could you help with some of it? Make the SHRUB Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or LinkedIn look tip top!

Cafe volunteer 

Serve teas, coffees, cakes, soups and pies in our vegan cafe - be a welcoming face for our organisation!

Welfare volunteer

We work together to ensure the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of volunteers and members. This includes helping create accessible welfare policies, assisting with workshops and drop in sessions and arbitrating conflicts and complaints.

Fundraising volunteer

Seeking dedicated and passionate volunteers to support our fundraising efforts. Support our mission by identifying, researching and developing compelling grant proposals, help implement our Fundraising Strategy.

Funding assistant

Support us in finding funding for our zero-waste projects!  Involves writing and editing grant applications, researching and liaising with suitable funders and helping with admin tasks.

Current Volunteering Opportunities

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