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What We Do

Swap, donate or buy affordable and high quality preloved clothing, books, shoes, bags, bric-a-brac and household items.


Anyone is welcome to buy or donate items. Become a member and you can swap your items in exchange for tokens to use in-store.

How It Works


Our vision is for a world without waste. Choosing second hand helps to save carbon emissions and supports a sustainable lifestyle.

Our Swapshop can be treated like any other second hand or charity store. Goods are donated, and we put them out for sale in the shop. However - unlike your ordinary charity shop, when you donate your preloved items we give you back 20% of their value as tokens. You can spend these at any time in the Swapshop. 1 token is worth £1.

When you drop off your items, our friendly volunteers will value them and add tokens to your account within 14 days.

Unlike other second hand shops we try not to let anything useful go to waste. As such we have a free section that includes odds and ends that might come in handy - from lightly used stationary to cables and mugs. These things are free to members.

While we like to try and enable people to swap and donate as many different things as possible, unfortunately, there are a few items that we can’t take. Here’s a full list of what we can’t accept and suggestions of alternative places to take them.

Our Swapshop Partners

Fresh Start  |  Aditi  |  Hillcrest Futures Hostel  |  St Cuthbert's  |  Nathan's Wastesavers 

We give items that we cannot sell onto our partners so that as many items as possible can be reused locally rather than going straight to landfill.

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