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Assistant Bike Wrangler

bike wrangler helping another to build a bike

The assistant bike wrangler is perfect for you if you've always wanted to know more about bike maintenance, but didn't think yourself suitable.  Come and have fun, get your hands dirty.


  • Assist customers during Bike-DIY sessions

  • Check in with the session lead when you're not sure

  • Be an assistant to the Bike Wrangler

  • Clean and tidy during and after the session


  • Know how to ride a bike

  • Willingness to learn all the rest of it

  • Care about inclusivity


Important: your own learning curve is a valuable attribute at the Wee Spoke Hub Bike-DIY sessions.  Because you have just learnt many of these new skills, you probably have empathy with the customer who is still learning them.  Assistant Bike Wranglers make a huge contribution to inclusivity.

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