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SHRUB Zero Waste Fundraiser Fashion Show & Ceilidh

Updated: Apr 6

We had our big Zero Waste Fundraiser on the 30th of March! It was a day filled with fashion, music, and most importantly, a collective commitment to supporting SHRUB and raising awareness about waste reduction and why it matters.

From upcycled denim dresses to intricately designed accessories made from repurposed materials, the fashion show was innovative and incredibly creative - it demonstrated the endless possibilities of sustainable fashion which can be both avant-garde and environmentally friendly. You can learn more about the designers at the end of this post.

Marking the International Day of Zero Waste, the event was more than just a fashion show. It was also a celebration of our community. Over 150 attendees came together to support SHRUB Coop, raising a total of £1768!

A highlight of the evening was the Mocktail Bar, expertly run by Alex Williams. Guests were treated to a fun selection of drinks with ingredients sourced from our Food Sharing Hub and Vegan Cafe projects.

We also had some tasty vegan food made by volunteers and many different stands showcasing our projects and hosting crafty workshops.

The event featured an exciting raffle, with prizes generously donated by numerous local organisations. Including The Cycling Gardeners, Meadowlark Yoga, The Edinburgh Bookshop, Lighthouse Bookshop, 9 Trees, The New Leaf Co-op, Dunedin Fencing Club, Dance Base, Uplands Roast, Some Funguys, Greek Artisan Pastries, Repair What You Wear, Doodles, Molly Porteous, Edinburgh Science Festival, Alessia D’Aleo and Leamne Arias Deniz. We're so grateful!

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the dedication and hard work of the organisers, volunteers, and participants - who contributed their time, talent, and resources to make the event a success. We extend our heartfelt thanks to:

Sustainable Fashion Designers


Dylan, Prudence, Ros, Ben, Sarina, Dee, Tone, Mary, Rachel, Kate, Rosie, Debs, Lily, Pia, Amy, Marian, Kate, Dylan, Prudence, Ros, Ben, Debs, Paolo, Walter, Riccardo, Indigo Child, Freya, Dee, Elisabeth, Alex, Harriet, Jocie, Sadie, Cat and Dorothy.


Fin, Sylvie, Euan, Carol Anne, Angélique, Cecily, Debs, Samip, Ashrika, Tone, Stuart, Eleanor, Lauren, Kate, Milica, Sara, Callum, Artí, Armando, Paolo, Gemma, Alex, (Bartender), Molly (Graphic Designer), Zee (Photographer), SKIFA and Edinburgh Street Stitchers.

Whether it was designing outfits, setting up the venue, or performing at the ceilidh, each person played a crucial role in bringing the Zero Waste Fundraiser to life.

Last but not least, we ended the day with a lively ceilidh, performed by the talented Dr. Reelgood Ceilidh Band

A huge thank you is owed to everyone who attended the event and showed their support - you’re each helping us build a more sustainable future! You can find out more about other ways to support SHRUB here.

In a society often dominated by fast fashion and disposable culture, initiatives like the Zero Waste Fundraiser remind us that there is a better way forward - one that prioritises creativity, sustainability, and community. As we look towards the future, let us carry the spirit of this event with us, remembering that each small step we take towards a zero waste lifestyle brings us closer to a greener, more sustainable world for generations to come.

Photos by Zee Nowak.

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