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We’re looking for more trustees to guide SHRUB Coop through 2024!

We invite applications from SHRUB volunteers, members and others interested in contributing to the Coop’s development to join our board of Trustees. We are particularly looking for people with experience in the fields of HR, Fundraising and Social Enterprise but Trustees have a wide-ranging remit and there are opportunities for involvement across the work that SHRUB undertakes.

Why become a Trustee?

SHRUB is a cooperative with premises in central Edinburgh. Our members contribute to decision-making processes. Trustees have special legal responsibilities and, in some circumstances may have to make sensitive or critical decisions on behalf of the Coop.

The trustees' role is mainly oversight and strategy. You will learn about how we operate and gain skills in leadership, problem-solving and innovation, strategic judgement and effective communication, to name a few.

Serving as a Trustee is an opportunity to learn about the governance of a not-for-profit organisation in a supportive environment, learning from more experienced Trustees and staff and the fresh perspective of newer members alike.

Key Roles in Trustee team

  • Convenor

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • HR and Welfare support

  • Fundraising support

  • Risk and Compliance lead

  • Monitoring and Evaluation support

  • Governance and Policy lead

  • Communications support

  • Social Enterprise lead

  • Strategy and Vision lead

What skills do I need?

Trustees have a wide-ranging remit with some people leading on particular aspects, some playing a more general role. We are looking for people with experience and skills in the specific areas listed above, but we also welcome applications from people who want to develop their experience or who have a more general interest in SHRUB. We particularly encourage applications from current volunteers and under-represented groups.

Trustees are responsible for overseeing the development of the strategic framework within which day-to-day tasks are carried out by staff and volunteers, and they help guide our long-term planning.

What is the time commitment?

As a voluntary Trustee, you will make some clear time commitments: to attend regular Trustee meetings (2 hours each month, currently on a Wednesday evening - but can change depending on when the majority is available), and participate in staff support mechanisms.

Trustees will preferably participate in the work of a Working Group - attending meetings where possible and contributing to the direction and content of work.

Time off can be arranged among Trustees, ensuring that there is a balance between Trustees’ wellbeing and SHRUB Coop functioning. If you cannot make a meeting you can let people know. There is a Welfare Working Group to support mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of volunteers and members if you need support in regulating your engagement.

Who can apply?

Anyone who supports the Vision and Mission of SHRUB Coop is invited to apply. We particularly encourage applications from under-represented groups, including but not limited to: people of colour, trans people, non-binary people, other members of the LGBT+ community, and women.


We’re a cooperative in Edinburgh working for a world without waste!

SHRUB Coop is an exciting community-led project that works to make big carbon savings by increasing awareness on sustainability issues and solutions.

The Coop is organised non-hierarchically and strives to provide an inclusive and empowering experience for all volunteers, staff and members in our community.

SHRUB Coop is registered as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) - working for a world without waste. Our purpose is the advancement of:

  1. Environmental protection and improvement by contributing to a Zero Waste Edinburgh

  2. Education by providing training and skill-sharing in all functions of the enterprise

  3. Citizenship and community development through active participation.

Our Constitution provides for Trustees to formally oversee the activities of SHRUB Cooperative and ensure we act in accordance with our purposes and the wishes of members of the Cooperative.

How Do I Apply?

To apply, simply save a copy of this form, fill it out and send it, with a copy of your CV, to, with the subject: “Trustee application”. Please highlight in the form which Trustee role(s) you are interested in and perhaps have skills and experience in.

Deadline to apply: 22nd November, 5pm

We strongly encourage all the people applying to attend our AGM on the 25th of November and introduce themselves to folk on the day. New trustees will be elected by the members of SHRUB at the AGM. Relevant contents of your form and CV will be shared with the membership for election purposes.

Any questions please email us at

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We needed your vote to help us re-open the Wee Spoke Hub and you stepped up and voted!

You had until the 12th of March to vote for the Wee Spoke Hub to receive a grant from the Edinburgh Community Climate Fund!

The City of Edinburgh Council created a fund to help communities develop sustainable projects. As part of our efforts to make Edinburgh a greener city, we pitched to re-open the Wee Spoke Hub doors once again and continue offering tools and expertise to those experiencing barriers to cycling.

Our staff and volunteers have been working hard to make this project a reality, and now we are able to make the reopening a reality! Residents of Edinburgh had five votes to use.

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We created a chair from woven scraps of fabric!

Last weekend Vanessa @vandicraft_design came into the Zero Waste Hub to present their crafting project at our sewing cafe and collaborated with folk at SHRUB to create a chair from woven scraps of fabric! How cool is this? Read on!

A message from Vanessa:

“I am a 4th-year product design student at the Edinburgh College of Art. This is my final year project and I am working on a conscious design that creates a collaborative experience through crafting with post-consumer textile waste to increase the awareness of fast fashion contributing to climate change.

Since the fashion industry contributes significantly to global emissions and climate change is recognised as a global emergency in recent years, I felt the urgency of designing out waste in the economy. Keeping products and materials in use at their highest value is one of the key principles of circular economy, therefore I hope my design can speak the message of transforming the throwaway culture into honouring the repair and craft culture.

I find the method of cutting old t-shirts and making them into yarn fits my project context and started ideation around it. The chair is designed to celebrate the afterlife of clothes through weaving with t-shirt yarn, as well as encouraging people to live a conscious lifestyle and be mindful. The chair is only complete when people weave to make the seat. It is intended to be completed collaboratively because I believe the community is more powerful in spreading the message and it creates the opportunity for discussion on sustainability.

During the workshop, I had some great conversations with the participants, some have experience in weaving and some don’t. Weaving with t-shirt yarn is new, nonetheless, participants didn’t find it difficult to learn. It was fascinating to see creative ways of cutting t-shirts from participants in order to fully use up the material and to hear participants getting inspired by how to use their t-shirts at home.”

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